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The Swimergy TM Swim System is a hybrid device, combining the best elements of counter-current swimming machines - their compact and self-contained aspect, and of resistance swimming systems - their simplicity, low cost and freedom of movement.

It consists of a small pool shaped so as to reduce waves (pat. pending), in which you swim in still water against the pull of an elastic cord attached to your swim shoes. The tension of the cord is adjustable, to allow for differences in individual strength. This type of swimming is known as resistance swimming. It is generally preferred by coaches over mechanical swimming machines, and is used by many university swim teams, and also for endurance training by troops in the US Army, such as the Special Forces Scuba Team members at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Until now, bungee systems did not work well in small pools because of the washing machine effect: In still water, the waves made by the swimmer reflect off the sides of the pool and make swimming difficult and uncomfortable. However, the SwimergyTM Swim System is "tuned" to quickly quell any waves, leaving the water no more agitated than in a standard competition pool.

The SwimergyTM Swim System is designed to conserve space, energy, and natural resources, and is also meant to be used as an all-around pool. In its construction and design we were guided by principles of energy efficiency, green building, and sustainable design. The effectiveness of the SwimergyTM Swim System has been confirmed in real life as well as in digital simulations run in a computer lab.

SWIMMING AND RELAXATION: To swim in the SwimergyTM Swim System you put on a special pair of water shoes and attach them to an elastic cord connected to the end of the pool. You then start swimming normally. The elastic will hold you in place and keep you from reaching the opposite end of the pool. After a short while you will forget you are not actually moving through the water, and you will simply swim and focus on your style and your workout. When you are done, slide off the shoes and float and relax.

THE STRUCTURE: The pools are made of galvanized steel panels, with a heavy-gauge vinyl liner held in place by an aluminum extrusion. No machinery of any kind intrudes into your swimming space. The standard pools need no external supports or A-frames. As all in-ground pools, the top edge and the exterior are unfinished and may need to be covered up or finished off as appropriate for each location. Copings are available.

WAVE REDUCTION: We reduce water agitation through the shape of the pool itself, and by using  racing lanes.

FILTRATION: The standard system uses an economical 1/2 HP high-quality pump in order to conserve energy. It is more costly than the ones used by our competitors, but worth it. Either sand or cartridge filters are available at no additional cost. Sand filters are easier to clean, they just get flushed out for a few seconds once a month or so, while the cartridge filters may filter out smaller particles, but they have to be taken apart and cleaned.

HEATING: We suggest solar collectors whenever possible. In the New York metropolitan area you should be able to use an outdoor pool about six months a year, and in subtropical climates you should be able to swim year-round. Electric and gas heaters are also available for year-round and indoor use in cold climates.

PURIFICATION: The most cost-effective way to purify the water is by adding an oxydizer as needed. A Hayward salt water system is included in the standard package. Ozone works well but is more costly, not only because of the high initial cost but also because any ozone unit has to run 24 hours a day. It is coupled to a degassing vessel to ensure that NO ozone escapes into the air. 

EVAPORATION: The greatest source of heat loss in a body of water is through evaporation. We control evaporation two ways. When the pool is in use, it is protected by an invisible monolayer evaporation barrier. When closed, a bubble blanket covers the pool.

RECOMMENDED USES: While the The SwimergyTM Swim System can be used strictly as an exercise pool, it will double as a family pool, providing most of the benefits of a regular pool (and much better swimming) for a fraction of the cost, space, and energy use. The The Swimergy TM Swim System will be of particular interest to builders and home owners involved in the green building movement, sustainable building design, and energy-efficient living.




































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