The SwimergyTM Swim System is a no-nonsense racing machine, a fun playground for the whole family, and a therapy pool all at once. Here are some ways (by no means all) to use it:
  • Train for speed or endurance for freestyle competitions, triathlon, decathlon, or other swimming sports.
  • Romp and play with the whole family.
  • Swim for cardio-vascular exercise.
  • Hold competitions and mock races.
  • Swim to burn off excess calories.
  • Teach someone to swim, or learn to swim yourself.
  • Do water aerobics and work out.
  • Tandem swim side by side with a partner.
  • Do therapy for muscular, neural, or skeletal impairments.
  • Relax, free-float, do aquatic meditation.
  • Coach your athletes and work on technique.

  • Adjustable resistance-swimming device (tandem optional).
  • Wave-suppressing shape (pat. pending).
  • Self-supporting, needs no buttresses (pat. pending).
  • Wave-suppressing racing lanes.
  • Optional solar heater for seasonal operation in temperate zones, year-round in the south.

  • Totally quiet operation, inaudible equipment.
  • Built-in slip-resistant step and comfortable built-in seat.
  • Contrasting stripe on the bottom, to help you gauge your effort and position.

  • Standard salt system purification - no need to add chemicals, water is gentler on eyes and skin.
  • Optional underwater quartz-halogen light. 
  • The very best materials and equipment.
  • A fraction of the price of mechanical swimming machines.













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