• TANDEM SWIM SYSTEM: For two swimmers to swim side-by-side, please add $250 for another RiptideTM trainer, shoes (size?), and associated hardware.
  • BULL-NOSE COPING: This custom-bent and welded half-round aluminum liner holder and receiver ("Cinderella CP-2" see profile here: Click here ) will enable you to pour a concrete surround reaching the edge of the pool, or to provide an end cap to any boards you may use to deck the area around the pool. Call for pricing. 
  • MODIFIED DEPTH: Please discuss your needs with us, we can probably provide you a different liner at no extra cost. Bear in mind, though, that you are not likely to need a deeper pool unless you wish to do submerged exercises standing up.
  • POOL COVER: Winter cover, tarp $50; Safety cover with springs, $400; Manual roll-up safety cover, $1200; Electrical roll-up safety cover, $4900; Please keep all covers de-watered - automatic pump, $240
  • CHEMICAL-FREE ALTERNATIVE PURIFICATION: Such a thing does not exist. However, there are number of alternatives to having to purchase chemicals and add them to the water periodically in order to kill unwanted organisms and eliminate contaminants. 
    • SALT WATER CHLORINATION Hayward Aquatrol, for $750, is the most cost-effective choice. The water is oxydized by electrolyzing ordinary table salt dissolved in the water. After it has done its work, the free chlorine turns back into salt, to be used again and again. With proper supervision, the water will be pure, clean and odorless.
    • OZONE  Del Total Eclipse 4 110V + Mixing Degas Vessel to remove hazardous gases from the water stream before they escape into the air; $2400; (see technical explanation below)
  • PROS and CONS: As an alternative to oxydation, some use metal ionizers to kill organisms. Dissolved copper will kill algae, and dissolved silver will kill bacteria. The problem with this system is that it is slow (that is, the kill is not immediate) and it does not get rid of other pollutants. You still have to apply more chemicals to the water, oxydizers known as "shocking" agents such a potassium monopersulfate or concentrated hydrogen peroxide solutions, or liquid chlorine. None of this is "chemical-free."
  • There are also alternative chemical systems using complex organics such as biguanides. They are expensive, introduce yet more chemicals into the system, and are comparable to the ionizing systems in complexity, minus the metals.
  • Then there is ozone. Ozone -- touted as "natural" by many manufacturers of such devices -- while good in the stratosphere is actually a dangerous pollutant at ground level, even at levels less than 1/10 of a part per million! You DO NOT want to breathe any of it. But, it is a supremely effective purifier when dissolved in pool water. The only hitch is that the devices needed to properly ozonate even a small body of water, such as the SwimergyTM Swim System, are expensive, and they need to operate 24 hours a day in order to offer good protection (ozone, at best, has a half-life of 20 minutes in water) thus multiplying your electricity use. They also have to be used together with other devices which remove all traces of undissolved gas from the water before it is returned to the pool, especially in indoor installations. Both the ozone generator and the de-gassing units have to be serviced annually, at a not insignificant cost. But they will work well if properly sized in residential use. But please be aware that if you need a system to ozonate the water to commercial specifications (minimum ORP factor of 650 millivolts everywhere in the pool at all times) the cost of the ozone unit will exceed the cost of the pool.






































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