Specifications for the SwimergyTM Swim System

  • Walls: Galvanized 14-gauge steel; 40 years warranty against rust-through.
  • Liner: Vinyl, all-print, 30 gauge, beaded; 15 years pro-rata warranty.
  • Liner hanger: Aluminum extrusion
  • Wall padding: 1/8"polyethylene foam

  • Internal:  Maximum: 8'-8" x 15'    Minimum: 7' x 14'
  • External:  9'-6" x 15'-10"
  • Height of Wall: 42"
  • Water depth: 38"  Custom depths (greater or lesser) available on demand.

    Volume: ~2625 gal
    Surface Area: 111 sq. ft.
    Total weight filled: ~21,870 lbs
    Floor Load: 197 lb/sq ft.

  • Internal: 14' x 7'
  • External with fittings: 16' x 8'
  • Height of Wall: 48"  (42" optional)
  • Water depth: 44"  (38"); Custom depths (greater or lesser) available on demand.

    Volume: ~2425 (2100) gal
    Surface Area: 89 sq. ft.
    Total weight filled: ~20,200 (17,500) lbs
    Floor Load: 227 (197) lb/sq ft

    Heating systems:  Standard natural gas or propane Hayward 100ID1 100,000BTU, or Hayward Comfortzone 11kW electric.

    Optional solar:
     Helicol 8x10 solar panel  with fully automatic controls (seasonal use in temperate zone, year-round in the south); Warranty: 10 years. Solar controller: Hayward Aqua Solar microchip controller, motorized valve actuator and Jandy 3-way valve; Warranty: 1 year  Solar cover: Floating bubble blanket

    Pump: Pentair Superflow 1/2 HP;
    Operating time: Recommended, 1 hour per day est. filtration and purification (residential use).  Estimated flow rate through system 2500 gpm.

    Purifier: Hayward erosion feeder; Extra-cost options: 1. Hayward Aquatrol HP; 2. Del ozonator and degassing vessel  
    Test kit:

    Filter: Either Hayward C-751 cartridge filter or S160T sand filter, as you prefer.

    Light: Optional: Hayward Elite 50Watt quartz-halogen underwater light (above ground only) Hayward Spa light (in-ground)

    Tether: RiptideTM resistance swimming water trainer, including one pair of water shoes (specify size).
    Tether tension control: Marine hardware

    Racing lanes: Vaupell or equivalent, plus hand-adjustable tensioning device; Fully assembled, chrome-plated brass rope eyes included.

    Fittings: Hayward skimmer / In-ground type return fitting Hayward warranty: 1 year

    Pole: 4' to 8' telescopic

    We are constantly thinking of ways to make the SwimergyTM Swim System even better. Therefore we reserve the right to change any and all specifications at our discretion and with no notice. Please inquire about specifics at the time of order.


































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