INSTALLATION can be done by a local pool builder, and will run you about US$2000 on level ground (not including materials, such as concrete for footings, and bottom surfacing material - either sand or cementitious vermiculite if outdoors), done professionally by a qualified pool installer.

If you are handy with basic tools and PVC plumbing techniques, you can do it with the aid of a helper. Expect the work to take about two days from start to finish. This should include installing the solar panel and running piping to and from it. These pipes will have to be obtained locally, and may not need to be 2" in diameter, as not all the water pumped will be diverted to the solar collector.

The exterior of the pool comes unfinished, and it is assumed that, just like with any in-ground pool, the owner or builder will provide for appropriate means to integrate the pool into its environment. The top lip will need a coping of some sort, the outside walls, if exposed, will have to be finished off with some covering, or the whole pool could be surrounded by a deck. Insulation will have to be applied against the walls of the pool to minimize heat loss in the cold season, especially if the pool is to be kept in operation year-round.

Please be sure to follow the local building codes. These costs, to be estimated by your local contractor, will have to be factored in so as to determine the total cost of building your pool.

NOTE: At the present time we can help you with installations in the New York tri-state area, and will help find a qualified installer elsewhere.


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