Swimergy TM Swim Spa


  • Swim naturally  Vary your speed or stroke as you like, without constantly adjusting machinery.
  • Solo or tandem  Switches from single to double lanes, to swim with a partner (Full-size models only).
  • Protect your skin  Solar models filter out much of the sun's dangerous UV radiation. 

  • No motors  Energy-efficient bungee-swimming design needs no power. 
  • No rough water  Wave-suppressing design reduces turbulence.
  • No clutter  Use the whole pool - your swimming space is free of ducts and propellers.  
  • No noise  Swim to the relaxing sound of silence, not to the din of industrial machinery.

  • Big enough  for any stroke, or for two to swim side-by-side; then to lounge, tumble, or take a couple of lazy strokes after your workout, or for the whole family to play.
  • Small enough  to fit anywhere, an urban back yard, a sun-lit room, in the basement, or on the terrace, and transportable in small sections.
  • Self-supporting  Uni-body construction (pat. pending): no buttresses needed.
  • High quality  We select only the very best materials and equipment, cutting no corners.
  • Dependable  The components used in the SwimergyTM Swim System have been tested, proven, and on the market for decades. Only the way we put it all together is new! 
  • Inexpensive  Doing away with needless machinery saves you tens of thousands of dollars compared with old-fashioned mechanical swimming machines.
    Great Recession   S P E C I A L 
    (Must order before March 15th, 2013
    and take delivery before May 1st.)

    Compact  8' x 15' x 48"   

    (7' x 14' x 44" water volume)
    (Gas or electric heat only. 
    Solar heat, add $1000)
    (Installation $1500)
    Installation available only in the New York tristate metropolitan area. Site prep, cabinet, utilities and permits not included.
























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